rossmedia | Download Instructions

DOWNLOAD IMAGES FROM A DESKTOP COMPUTER: You can download the images with or without a watermark from a desktop computer.  Click on the photo you want to download.  There will be a download link above the photo with several options:

The original photo is the highest quality image - typically for print.  You can download all images by selecting "All available originals".  Please note, file sizes may be large and download times may take time.

For social media, you can download a watermarked image by selecting the image sizes below, such as X-Large.  A watermark will automatically applied.

MOBILE PHONE ACCESS:  You can access the photos as well from a smartphone by visiting the album link.  There is also an app (iOS and Android) where you can access your album.  The photographer may provide a separate link which will redirect to the App Store to download an app called "Photo Moments".  After downloading the app, click again on the provided link and the album will be added to the app.  From the app, you can save photos back to your mobile device.