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Ross is an international wedding and lifestyle photographer based in New York.  He has been shooting for more than ten years and has traveled the world photographing and videographing extravagant weddings, lifestyles, and live events.   He aspires to be the best in his profession and has a strong passion to get the best image possible at every shoot, in every moment.  
His approach to weddings is to capture the way your heart sees it and to have fun doing it.   He came into photography with a photojournalistic approach, branching from a candid style of videography.   His job is to document the emotions of your wedding day, not to ask you to re-enact them.

Alana + Sam // Wedding Highlight - Same Day Edit

Ryann + Michael // Wedding

Bianca + Joe // Wedding Condense Edit


Commissioning Rossmedia starts at $2000 for Cinema.  Photography starts at $2000 (8 hour coverage of both Ceremony and Reception).  Contact us for additional package details and national and international destination rates.  I only book a limited number of weddings per year to ensure my clients get a fast turnaround, quality, and custom experience.  


Cinematography includes up to 6 hours of coverage.  Includes a highlight edit - we put life into each masterpiece by considering and reconsidering the story and visual elements.  A 3-5 minute cinematic highlight is a typical length which is perfect to share with family and friends.  Keeping it to 1 song means your wedding film will be entertaining and dramatic throughout.
Also included is a main features edit which are typically anywhere from 10-20 minutes in length, styled similar to a highlight but include documentary portions - typically including more details from both the ceremony and reception.
We capture moments.  Unrepeatable moments.  Lifetime moments.  And we deliver these moments in a way that is enjoyed as a legacy for eternity.

Our style is founded on photojournalism, that is capturing your story from a sequence of anticipated moments through our unique perspective.

Up to 8 hours of coverage. Unlimited Shots, High Resolution Images (w/ Reprint Rights), Online Photo Gallery.

Standard PhotoBooth Package 4 hours, unlimited prints, custom logo watermark, all booth photos images, Email/Facebook capability $800
Step and Repeat

3 hours, photographer, unlimited prints, white backdrop

Optional: Customized Step and Repeat backdrop - stand/red carpet



Live Stream


Live stream your wedding w/ video archived online.